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How to Make Money with Free Writing Platforms

Writing Articles can also bring Huge Internet Income

There are many make money with free writing platforms on the Internet, and most of them are free. Publishing articles on them will cultivate a lot of readers and fans over time. If you can also make profits to increase your income, it will be a combination of the best of both worlds.

Why run a blog on a writing platform

In the era of the prevalence of self-media, there are more and more channels for voice on the Internet, ranging from Youtube, Tiktok, IG, FB, Podcast and blog. Everyone can exert influence on the Internet according to their own expertise. At the same time, as long as If you work hard and persevere, you may even have the opportunity to change your body and become a KOL celebrity that everyone envies.

The reasons for writing articles on writing platforms may be:

  • As a daily essay, record your own thoughts
  • Be the driving force behind the pursuit of interest
  • Train your writing skills
  • Present your own experience or expertise in words, hoping to help readers
  • Shaping the authority of a certain field is conducive to building a self-brand
  • Create job or business transaction opportunities for individuals
  • Can build a network and recognize a group of like-minded netizens
  • Become a channel for making money online

make money with free writing platforms

Types of writing platforms

Due to the different business policies of make money with free writing platforms, the profit-making environment provided to users is also quite different. The biggest difference is whether commercial advertisements can be placed. Here, Afu tries to distinguish them into the following 4 types:

① Creation-oriented
Some writing platforms that focus on in-depth content, such as Medium , Fangzi Vocus or Matters , will prohibit the use of commercial advertisements. The more direct source of profit is membership subscription or bucket sponsorship. Because the writing environment of the platform is mostly focused on the creation of non-profit articles , some other more commercial methods of making money (such as affiliate marketing), it is not very popular.

② popular type
This type of platform has a large number of users, a relatively open authoring environment and diverse content. Representative platforms such as ruffian state PIXNET or Google’s Blogger . Because of the emergence of commercial advertisements, the opportunity to make money with articles has also increased a lot.

③ Business oriented
This type of platform is represented by Wix and Weebly . The main customer base is biased towards the business field, although it provides a very powerful blog function, but the advertising and e-commerce functions need to be upgraded to paid plans to use.

Therefore, basically, this type of platform is more suitable for marketing content and building brand image.

④ All-round platform
The last one is to rent a third-party virtual host (such as Bluehost , A2 Hosting ), and then build a writing platform by yourself. Among them, the blog set up by the WordPress software is the most popular.

The writing platform established by this method has the largest profit margin, and is applicable to almost any type of money-making channel.

Writing platform to make money

Since each writing platform has different operating strategies, there will be some differences in the channels that can provide users to make profits. Now let’s introduce a few profitable channels that are worth playing as follows:

1. Inside the bucket
Potential Income: ★

Many online live broadcast platforms have an official tipping mechanism, and there are Bits on Twitch. There are also so-called Super Chat and Super Stickers on YouTube.

In addition, people often use the channel’s introduction field to create an additional private Donate link that accepts fan sponsorship. Open up an additional source of cash flow for yourself.

Similarly, on some creation-oriented writing platforms, the official also strongly encourages the use of Dounei to sponsor good article authors.

For example, the most common way in Medium and Matters is “Civic Liker” . Sponsored money will be calculated in LikeCoin virtual currency. Readers and fans on the platform can sponsor or click “Clap Hands” on a monthly basis. button to reward creators within the bucket.

In addition, Buy me a coffee , Jiekou Pay, OuPay, Alipay or WeChat Pay are also used as channels in the receiving bucket.

2. Member subscription
Potential Income: ★★

Both Fangzi and Medium have a built-in membership subscription function, which subsidizes content creators with monthly fees paid by readers.

There are two ways to make profits:

① Direct subscription revenue of channels or topics

② The writing platform will distribute the income paid by all members to the creator according to the click rate of the article.

3. Join the ad network
Potential Income: ★★★

Ad Network (Ad Network) is a matching bridge between advertisers and publishing channels (such as blogs, YouTube, mobile apps), and it can effectively deliver advertisers’ paid advertisements to appropriate marketing channels. Therefore, Creators don’t have to worry about their article pages or media channels, and there will be a shortage of advertisements.

Among the ad networks on the market, the most familiar one is probably Google Adsense . Many make money with free writing platforms such as Ruffian and Blogger allow members to use it. As long as the user has placed the ad code on the back-end management platform, it will be displayed in the article. Adsense ads are automatically displayed in the website, and as long as a visitor clicks, they will get a profit.

The reason for choosing Google Adsense to make money is not only the large amount of advertisements, but also the bonuses are generally higher than other platforms.

In addition, the types of ads he provides are also very diverse. They mainly include search engine text ads, multimedia video ads and native ads. Bloggers can freely set the ad format and size they want in the Adsense management background. Therefore, it is very useful to use. elastic.

In addition to Adsense, you can also try some other different ad networks to see if they can bring in more revenue. Some representative service platforms are as follows: – Most of the advertising content on this platform comes from Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. It is a good alternative to Adsense
Dable – Native advertising matchmaking platform active in Taiwan and Asia
Taboola – the world’s leading native advertising network, very suitable for blogs with high traffic
PropellerAds or Revcontent – ​​mainly provide push and pop-up ads. However, these two types of ads are mostly of poor quality, which may affect the reading experience of readers, so you need to pay more attention when selecting them.

4. Rental advertising space
Potential Income: ★★

In addition to using advertising networks to generate income, renting out advertising space on your own is another way to make money.

The practice is to free up some space on the blog website and rent it to manufacturers to advertise. As for the calculation method of the price, the common ones are:

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • CPC (Cost per Click) – Calculated based on the number of clicks on an ad
  • CPM (Cost per Thousand) – Calculated according to the number of visitors.

5. Shorten the URL

Potential Income: ★

This is a very simple way to make money from articles. Although the income is not much, it is not without small supplements.

The way to make money by shortening the URL is to convert the outbound links of the article into short URLs. After the visitor clicks the short URL in the article, they will see some advertisements and then go to the landing page.

For example, if your article introduces the YouTube channel of Internet celebrity Joeman, the
normal link is: The converted URL with ads
through the URL shortening service platform AdFly becomes:

As long as a visitor clicks on this short URL, you will have potential advertising profit. However, because the advertisements brought by the shortened URL are often annoying, and the actual income that can be obtained is also limited, whether to adopt this mode of making money is not a problem. It’s a matter of opinion.

6. Affiliate Marketing
Potential Income: ★★★★

This is a money-making channel that is well worth the effort on the general writing platform. The way it works is very much like an intermediary when buying a house, that is, introducing the manufacturer’s products to potential customers. If the transaction is successful, you will get a performance bonus (introduction). fee).

In the articles published by yourself, some products or services are occasionally mentioned. At this time, you can insert the promotion link of affiliate marketing by the way, so that visitors can go directly to the supplier’s product page to learn more details. If a transaction is generated, you can Dividend.

To operate affiliate marketing, you must first apply to join the relevant service platform to become a member. Some of these platforms are composed of a single merchant (such as Amazon alliance, momo earning). Some of them include many cooperative merchants and become a comprehensive affiliate marketing. platform.

After becoming a member, promoters can freely choose suitable marketing programs to promote within the platform. For newcomers to affiliate marketing, applying for the Chinese market-friendly affiliate network , iChannel , and global Skimlinks will be a great solution. Good starting point.

7. Industry allocation
Potential Income: ★★★

There are also many business matching opportunities for blogs, such as the common product unboxing articles or experience articles. The income market is mainly determined according to the industry category and visitor flow of the website content.

Generally, blogs with high traffic flow will have more than 1,000 daily visitors, and there will be opportunities for manufacturers to actively contact industry partners. In addition, some affiliate marketing platforms and Facebook associations will also provide relevant channels for business cooperation.

8. Guest Post
Potential Income: ★★

Open blog space, provide third-party paid articles.

Guest articles can be regarded as an exchange of interests, and there are two main motivations for their use:

① Industrial and commercial distribution – In order to promote products, manufacturers buy your blog pages to publish articles. At the same time, they hope to use your website traffic to bring considerable business opportunities.

② SEO search engine optimization – The number of external backlinks (Backlinks) of a website is of great help to the ranking of search engines. For this reason, many marketing companies or personal websites often use paid guest articles, Build backlinks to your own website. As an important operation item for SEO optimization.

To find money-making opportunities for guest articles, in addition to exploring through industry distribution channels, you may also take the initiative to contact some service companies specializing in Internet marketing to see if there is any demand in this area.

Other money-making opportunities from the writing platform

Next, I will introduce some indirect ways to make money through the writing platform. If used properly, it will bring a multiplier effect to your own Internet income.

9. Ebooks, Audiobooks
Potential Income: ★★

When enough published articles are accumulated, they can be compiled into e-books, paper books or even audiobooks for sale.

The royalty income from publishing a book may not be high, but it has positive benefits for building a personal brand. It can help you get more opportunities for extra money such as career matching or speech invitations, and it is also easy to create an influencer status.

10. Online courses
Potential Income: ★★★★

Through continuous and uninterrupted writing, you will accumulate more in-depth knowledge than others in a certain field. At this time, packaging them into online courses is a good monetization channel.

Online courses are usually very profitable, and although the production process is cumbersome and time-consuming, once completed, repeat sales can be made, bringing considerable passive income.

Created online courses can be sold through comprehensive teaching platforms such as HaHow , UDem y, etc. If you want a more flexible sales channel, you may consider using Teachable or setting up your own WordPress learning management system ( LMS, Learning Management System ) to implement.

11. Provide consulting services
Potential Income: ★★★

As long as the article can gather enough Internet popularity and establish a good reputation, it is very suitable to make good use of your expertise to provide consulting or coaching services.

12. Email Marketing
Potential Income: ★★★

Operating a customer list can greatly reduce the cost of unfamiliar development, and is an important part of Internet marketing profitability.

Similarly, using email marketing software to collect visitor lists on the make money with free writing platforms, in addition to maintaining readers’ emotions, can also be used as a channel for marketing and shopping guides. For example, operating affiliate marketing or promoting one’s own online courses, etc.

Some writing platforms themselves provide basic Email marketing functions. If they cannot meet your needs, you may wish to use more powerful third-party software, such as GetResponse and ConvertKit to help.

How to increase your income on a writing platform

Each writing platform has its advantages and disadvantages, and the channels for making money are not the same. If you want to have better income growth, you must try to choose a platform with more profit opportunities. In addition, you also Profitability can be improved in the following directions:

① Do a good job in SEO search engine optimization
Free organic traffic on the Internet is often a source of profit that bloggers dream of. At this time, SEO website optimization is particularly important. Most writing platforms will also strengthen the function of SEO. Therefore, when writing articles, we should also make good use of them. The SEO tools provided by the platform to strive for good Google search rankings.

In addition, pay special attention to the use of keywords in articles, and use Google keyword analysis tools or similar software to select keywords with high traffic and low competition as the basis for writing articles.

② Find more sources of Internet traffic
Facebook, IG and even Line groups are good channels for diversion. You can use your social media influence to encourage fans to visit your blog.

For articles that will create high profits, it is also possible to quickly increase network traffic and increase revenue through advertising.

③ Open up multiple profit channels
Of the 12 ways to make money on writing platforms described above, many of them can be operated at the same time, allowing more room for income growth. In addition, through some interactive promotion marketing strategies, for example, as long as you join an article subscription member, you can enjoy online courses 20% off and more.

How to choose a writing platform

Writing platforms can be simply divided into two types: free and paid. Generally speaking, free platforms (such as Bokebang) are more suitable for amateur text creators, and writing articles is mainly for personal interests.

As for the paid writing platform (such as WordPress self-support station), it provides a very good customized environment, you can freely change the appearance of the website and expand the internal functions. In addition, the way of making profits is also more diversified. Therefore, it is very Suitable for professional bloggers who want to make money with articles.

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