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10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms Commonly Used by Online Earnings

Affiliate marketing is an important source of passive income online

Many money-making channels on the Internet often use affiliate marketing as an important source of income. Whether you are a blogger or a social media KOL influencer, learning how to operate affiliate marketing will be an essential online profit-making skill.

A brief introduction to Affiliate Marketing
If this online earning method is combined with the huge number of people on the Internet, it can often bring amazing commission income. .

How to Double Your Website Revenue with Affiliate Marketing

The Role of Affiliate Marketing Platforms
It provides a space for manufacturers and workers to trade, so that many merchants (advertisers) on the platform have the opportunity to recruit a group of promotion talents (publishers) to help with marketing performance.

Affiliate marketing
Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms Comparison Chart
Here, Eyes Production has specially compiled 10 platforms with good reputation at home and abroad, and I hope everyone can make good use of it.

Introduction of 10 Popular Affiliate Marketing Platforms

1. CJ Affiliate
This is one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms in the world, with more than 2,600 merchants. Therefore, as long as you become a member, there are a lot of marketing plans that you can enjoy.

For promoters, if they operate a Chinese website, they can implement much fewer plans than English ones. However, on CJ Affiliate, about 350 manufacturers’ products can be found, which are suitable for promotion in the Chinese market.

Famous ones are: Skyscanner travel comparison network, GoDaddy web hosting, Fiverr
five yuan outsourcing network , GetResponse email automation software, McAfee antivirus, NordVPN circumvention software , GoPro action camera, Swarovski jewelry store, etc.

Another feature of this platform is that it has opened up an advertising market (Placements Marketplace), if you have a website advertising column, social media channel or Email customer list. In addition, it is worth noting that after joining CJ, if there is no transaction record within 6 months, the membership will be cancelled.


  • There are many international heavyweight manufacturers stationed in
  • There are many product categories, and the choice of marketing promotion is flexible
  • Provide an advertising exchange market, which is convenient for promoters to obtain additional advertising revenue
  • A powerful promotion analysis tool

2. iChannels
Founded in 2007, it is the earliest affiliate marketing platform established in Taiwan. It has accumulated more than 70,000 promotion partners, and it can be regarded as the one with the largest number of members in Taiwan.

At present, there are about 250 manufacturers cooperating with Tongwangwang, including the large shopping website momo and blogger.


  • The search function is very intimate, and can use a single product name to query the promotion plan
  • There are many promotion opportunities for physical products, and it covers momo shopping network ( momo diandian ) and blogo ( blog ap strategic alliance ) which is also an affiliate marketing platform
  • The threshold for requesting money is relatively low, and you can withdraw gold at 500 NTD
  • Member Center has complete affiliate marketing teaching resources
  • Can use LINE to contact customer service, improve a lot of communication efficiency

3. Affiliate Network
It is a rising star in Taiwan’s affiliate marketing industry. The categories of activity plans are very diverse, and there are many options for physical or digital products.

Many promotion programs on the affiliate network often cover neighboring countries in Asia outside of Taiwan. This platform will be a good starting point for newcomers who want to branch out into overseas markets.

Another unique feature of the alliance network is the opening of a “case reception area”, where many manufacturers hold writing activities and product trials, allowing members to apply for participation freely, which should also be regarded as an alternative to bloggers or KOL influencers. Industry distribution pipes.


  • Membership application is easy to pass
  • Provide factory and business matching case area

4. Amazon Associates
This is the platform operated by Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce company, and its US online store alone has more than 2 billion visits every month. With Amazon’s huge loyal customer base and higher than industry average transaction conversion rates, Amazon Associates has always been one of the most popular ways to make money online. The Amazon alliance is subdivided into more than 10 different independent platforms according to the country, and the performance tracking and reward system are independent, and you must apply for membership separately. For personal websites with scattered traffic sources in many countries, it may be necessary to operate multiple accounts, which is inconvenient in promotion and management. Just like the CJ Affiliate has member performance appraisal mentioned just now, if the Amazon Associates account has no transaction revenue within 3 months, it will also be suspended.If the visitor you recommend does not complete the shopping behavior during this period, even if you place an order and pay the next day, you will not get any dividends .


  • High customer loyalty and good transaction conversion rate
  • Powerful promotion tool
  • The request threshold is low, as long as you earn a $10 commission, you can use the Amazon Gift Card to withdraw money

5. ClickBank
This old-fashioned platform with a history of more than 20 years can be said to be the largest digital product marketing base in the world. The content of the products is also varied, from personal fitness to investment Finance has everything.

Since almost all digital products are on the platform, high commissions have become an important feature of ClickBank. Most of the profits that promoters can get are between 40% and 75%, and sometimes they can see an outrageous 90% Draw.

Another feature of this platform is that you can find many recurring subscription products. If the introduction is successful, you will receive a fixed monthly bonus, which becomes a good source of passive income.

It is best to confirm the evaluation on the Internet before choosing.

Another basis for selection is to refer to the popular promotion indicator (Gravity) provided by the background. This score represents the popularity of the product being promoted. Generally, a score of more than 20 points is an ideal promotion project. Useful third-party statistics The ranking tool can refer to this link .


  • Many digital products
  • Has a high reward
  • The request threshold is only $10
  • There are many subscription-based products, which are good passive income channels

6. ShareASale
The target of this platform is mainly the US market, but there are still many products that are also suitable for promotion in Asia.

ShaeAShare currently has about 3900 marketing plans, spread over 40 different product categories. Because of the large number of manufacturers, it is a good alternative platform for CJ Affiliate. In case the promotion license on one side does not pass, it will stop by the other side. Go and apply.

For example, Ah Fu applied for the promotion license of Grammarly, an English grammar tool , in CJ a while ago , but was rejected the next day🙁. However, he successfully obtained the marketing qualification in ShareASale.

ShareASale’s parent company is called AWIN , which is a heavyweight platform in Europe, and AFU is also its member. For those who are interested in operating the European market, it is also worth applying to join.

SahreASale Advantages

  • Choice of physical and digital goods
  • There are many exclusive cooperative manufacturers, which are not found on other platforms

7. eBay Affiliate Alliance
eBay started by auctioning second-hand goods. Currently, there are more than 180 million users around the world, and nearly 1.4 billion items are listed on the shelves every day. The world’s largest online auction platform has now been transformed into selling new products, and about 80% of the products on the shelves are new products.

The rewards of eBay Partner Network (EPN, eBay Partner Network) are generally not high, mainly providing bonuses ranging from 1% to 4% according to the product category. And no matter how high the selling price of individual products is, the commission will be capped, generally more than half It’s $550 USD. As for the length of the cookie to track the effectiveness of the promotion, the “Buy Now” sales method is only valid for 1 day. However, if it is an auction-type transaction, the cookie validity period will be increased to 10 days. Since the products of eBay stores have a high degree of overlap with Amazon, in practice, this platform is often used as an auxiliary promotion channel for Amazon Associates.

In addition, many price comparison websites will also use the products of these two stores to do price comparisons and earn commissions from them.


  • High visibility, it is easy to attract visitors to spend in the store
  • The types of products that can be promoted are very diverse
  • The threshold for requesting is low, only $10 is required

8. Skimlinks

So as long as you successfully become his member, it is almost equivalent to indirectly joining more than half of the affiliate marketing platforms on the market. It directly provides promotion programs for nearly 50,000 manufacturers, and does not need to apply for additional marketing licenses from individual merchants. Feel free to choose freely to promote and earn commissions.

Recently, Skimlinks has also begun to strengthen its business scope in the Asian Chinese market, and some promotion and marketing plans for Taiwan (such as Shopee Shopping, Rakuten Lotte Market) have also appeared one after another, thus adding a lot of incentives to apply for joining.

As long as a small piece of code is added to the website, it can automatically convert the name of the manufacturer mentioned in the blog into a promotion link. Time spent setting up the link.

Skimlinks will take a 25% service fee from your hard-earned performance bonus. If the amount is too large, it may be more cost-effective to switch to another platform.


  • Acting for multiple alliance platforms, eliminating the need to join one by one
  • There are a large number of manufacturers, and there is a lot of choice when promoting
  • There are many special cooperative manufacturers who will provide promotion bonuses higher than the market price
  • Provides the function of automatically inserting promotional codes on the website

9. FlexOffers
The company was established in 2008, and there are more than 12,000 advertisers in it. Therefore, there are promotion programs that cannot be found on other platforms. Great odds can be found here.

FlexOffers provides very flexible link generation tools, including:

① Flexlinks – You can use the self-developed WordPress plug-in plug-in or directly install the provided code to dynamically and automatically insert promotional links for the products in the website articles.

② Price Comparison Widget – As long as you select the same or similar products across manufacturers in advance, this tool will help you create an instant price comparison table with pictures and texts.


  • Newbie friendly, relatively easy to apply for membership
  • Numerous marketing promotion programs to choose from
  • Useful Promotional Link Builder
  • PayPal withdrawals with commissions over $25
  • Customer satisfaction is high


The threshold of bank wire transfer is high, and it needs more than $1000 to use

Founded in 2008, the founder of this company is also one of the founders of CJ Affiliate. is particularly emphasized as a service platform (SaaS, Software as a Service) between advertisers and promoters. Also for this reason , The platform is like a small United Nations, merchants have high autonomy, and even the invoices when withdrawing money are independent and have different numbers.

Impact currently has more than 1000 manufacturers stationed, although the number is not many, but there are many well-known brands, many of which are suitable for promotion in the Chinese market, such as:

  • Canva – The world’s largest graphic design platform
  • Udemy – Online Courses
  • Envato Market – a marketplace for web themes and app code
  • BlueHost – Famous web hosting provider
  • UpWork – a leading provider of outsourcing solutions


  • You can find many well-known brand marketing plans suitable for promotion
  • Simple and easy-to-use background management interface

How many affiliate marketing platforms do I need to participate in?
Platforms with good reputation may wish to apply for a few more. Although it is more troublesome in management (including payment), it also has the following advantages:

Access to more merchant products and increase promotion opportunities
For the same marketing activities across platforms, you can compare the level of commissions and choose the best bonus to promote
In case the promotion license is rejected, there is still the opportunity to apply for the same merchant’s license on another platform.
Take the English grammar check tool Grammarly just mentioned by Ah Fu as an example. After the CJ Affiliate application was rejected, the promotion license was obtained at ShareASale.

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