7 Outsourcing Platform to Keep Your Wallet Full

The Outsourcing Platform is an Important Income Channel for Freelancers

At the same time, the popularity of the manpower outsourcing network will also increase day by day. It will become one of the most effective channels for mutual aid transactions between employers and individual freelancers.

Talent-seeking clients can use the huge human resources provided by outsourcing network to find professionals with many different skills. Use them to complete various projects or tasks.

Outsourcing Platform

Outsourcing can not only increase the flexibility of business operations, but also greatly reduce labor costs and improve profitability.

For example, if you are running a website, maybe you need to find someone to help you design the logo or modify the software program for you. If it is a cross -border e-commerce Customer service, online marketing, etc. These can be easily solved by outsourcing the human resources of the network.

The benefits of using an outsourcing platform

Outsourcing service websites are like trading marketplaces for human resources, and their main function is to assist in the matching and execution of outsourced tasks. From the perspective of online freelancers, using such a case-receiving platform can bring the following benefit :

The system will match you to find suitable tasks based on your expertise.
The platform will assist in marketing, and sometimes the client will take the initiative to contact according to the resume, saving many unfamiliar costs of developing new customers.
It can accumulate personal work qualifications and word of mouth, which is convenient for obtaining more outsourcing money-making opportunities in the future.
Arrange flexible working hours by yourself. Be a free online earner.

7 Major Outsourcing Platforms

There are a lot of opportunities to receive cases on the outsourcing platform, which has become a good sustainable income channel. Now, we will introduce 7 very popular outsourcing websites at home and abroad for your reference:

1. UpWork Outsourcing Network
The scale of this outsourcing website is huge. It was formed a few years ago by the merger of the two major outsourcing websites at the time, oDesk and Elance. Currently, it has 18 million registered workers (freelancers) and 5 million employers.

In the UpWork outsourcing network, the money transactions between the client (buyer) and the receiver (seller) are all managed and distributed by the platform. When the task is completed, the client must pay 2.75% of the total transaction amount to the platform as a Handling fee. The receiver pays a commission ranging from 5%~20% to the platform according to the size of the transaction amount.

It is calculated by, for the same client, if your cumulative transaction amount,

  • Less than US$500. Service fee is 20% of the total transaction amount
  • Between $500 and $10,000, the draw is 10%
  • Over $10,000, the commission is reduced to 5 %
  • Therefore, if the recipient can cooperate with the same employer for a long time, he can save a considerable commission fee.

You can see that some Taiwanese SOHO professionals are working hard to make a lot of dollars on the UpWork outsourcing platform. One of the masters who received the case has already earned 30,000 dollars (about NT$900,000).

Freelancers on the UpWork platform can choose to join 3 different levels of usage plans according to their own needs:

① Basic Plan (Freelancer Basic Plan) – As long as you are a member who applies to join UpWork, you will belong to this free level from the beginning. However, if you want to fight for job opportunities, you must buy points (connects) to be able to send proposals to prospective employer.

②Freelancer Plus Plan – The current monthly fee is $14.99 USD. In addition to 70 proposal points per month, the main benefits are: higher visibility on the platform, you can get Competitor bidding information, as well as being able to have a customized exclusive URL.

③Agency Plus Plan – This plan is mainly for studios with teams. The monthly fee is $20. The benefits are basically similar to the above value-added plan. But there is no bonus Proposal points, must be purchased additionally.

UpWork provides two payment methods: hourly pay and piece rate. If the case is received by hourly pay, the platform will use the recorder software (Work Diary) to record the length of time workers perform tasks on the computer. At the same time, computer screenshots will also be provided for the client to track and reference.

In addition, the UpWork platform also provides a good two-way evaluation system between the client and the receiver. It will be a good reference indicator when the two parties conduct outsourcing task transactions.

2. Freelancer.com
This is an old-fashioned outsourcing platform. There are nearly 40 million registered users around the world, and the number of cases has exceeded 15 million. In addition to doing well in its own industry, this company has also acquired the world’s largest digital marketing in recent years. Forum Warrior Forum (Warrior Forum) and the famous online buying and selling brokerage platform Escrow.com (people who buy and sell websites often use this platform to trade).

3. Fiverr 5 yuan outsourcing network
This outsourcing company was established in 2010. Most of the outsourcing projects provided start from US$5 (TWD 150). Therefore, it is suitable for clients with low budget to try.

Fiverr operates in the opposite way to the general outsourcing platform. The client does not need to file a case. Instead, he directly selects and buys from the service items (gigs) listed in advance by the receiver.

4. PRO360 Talent Network
It is a rising star of Taiwan’s outsourcing platform, providing more than 400 different types of professional services. In addition to traditional sources such as home cleaning, water and electricity maintenance, etc., you can also find many suitable online freelancers here. fields. Such as graphic design, video production, social media marketing, etc. are all.

To accept a case in PRO360, you must purchase points in advance. If you find a favorite outsourcing task, you will spend the points (about 200 Taiwan dollars) to obtain customer contact information and make a quotation.

Of course, if the quotation is unsuccessful and the number of no transactions is too many, the accumulated points will be a big burden.

Daren.com has more than 10,000 outsourced case sources per month, and the classification of tasks is also very diverse, so it is a very worthwhile channel to receive and make money.

5. Tasker sends out tasks (formerly 518 Outsourcing Network)
The predecessor of this case matching platform was changed from 518 Outsourcing Network to its current name. It is currently the largest outsourcing platform in Taiwan, with more than 1.1 million users.

Tasker adopts a membership system for tasks. You must join a membership first to accept cases. This outsourcing platform provides free studio web space for the recipients. You can fully display your resume and work experience to future employers in this place.

For each outsourcing task of Tasker Outsourcing Network, the budget range will be indicated in advance. Currently, there are about 3000 outsourcing tasks in progress on the platform. General members can usually only see the basic case requirements. , you must upgrade to a paid membership.

There are 3 ways to pay:

Economic plan – annual limit. The cheapest cost, suitable for outsourcing cases with a budget of less than $5000.
Unlimited Premium Plan – Yearly Restriction. Unlimited case browsing and quotations during the contract period.
General Plan – The rights that the recipient enjoys are the same as the “Unlimited Premium Plan”. However, since there is no annual contract limit, the cost is the highest.

6. 104 Master (formerly 104 Outsourcing Network)
It is the website of 104 Human Bank. Not long ago, it was integrated by the two websites of 104 Outsourcing Network and Tutoring Network.

The content of the case is more professional, such as tutoring, design, software programs, etc. The charging method for members to accept cases is more flexible than Tasker’s tasks.

There are currently two types:

Super Value Plan – 60 days as a period. Suitable for small outsourced cases with a budget of less than $5000.
Unlimited Plan – The fee is higher, and it is also charged every 60 days. You can view case contact information and proposal quotations an unlimited number of times.
In addition, 104 master does not charge additional transaction fees. It can be regarded as a boon for slash freelancers.

7. Outsourcing Network
It is a completely free outsourcing matching platform. The function is very similar to the SOHO version on PTT . At present, there are not many part-time tasks on the outsourcing network. However, there are not many people who propose, and the competition is quite large.

The 4 local outsourcing websites mentioned above, except PRO360 Daren.com, all started from human bank. The operation methods are similar. Employers are basically free of charge. In addition to the other platforms, it is best to pay members first to enjoy a higher chance of winning the bid.

Of course, you may also wish to directly inquire about “part-time” or “part-time” job opportunities on the traditional labor bank, after all, they are also a kind of outsourcing case source in a broad sense :).

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How to Increase Your Chances of Success in Outsourcing Online Cases
Maybe many people will complain that it is difficult to receive cases on the outsourcing network. The reason is that there are so many people competing, and the proposals sent out are often lost in the sea, and cannot be read by the client and so on. Here are a few directions to increase your chances of success:

The content of the proposal should not be the same. Different employers will have different needs. It is necessary to understand the difficulties and problems faced by the offender in advance, and then put forward individual solutions in your proposal.
The photo on the resume should make people feel professional and close – when the client receives the proposal, the first place they want to know you is through the photo on the resume. A smiling and professional It is easy to make a good first impression on the client.
Put the most important skills and relevant work experience at the top of your resume – for outsourced tasks with high competition and many applicants, employers often only take a few seconds to decide whether to continue to look at your resume. Therefore, the important things should be put first, so that the perpetrator can have the opportunity to quickly understand your abilities.
To get ahead first , those who are quick to propose have shown positive and enterprising work characteristics. Not only is the resume easier for employers to see first, but the chances of successfully accepting the case will also increase a lot.

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