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How Do You Make Money with YouTube?

How to Make Money on YouTube Fast

YouTube’s growth has made it a great place to make money. If you follow this beginner’s guide I set up, I’ll show you how to do it right.

It’s a search engine that I’ve been doing more and more of in recent years (as it’s number two in search engine usage and number one in Google) and have discovered many different ways to make money. Along the way, I’ve been able to see what works best and share with you here.

Now, I’m not saying my method is the best, or there’s only one, but it works and I’ll prove it.

One of the awesome things about this place is that there are many ways you can monetize it, here are some of the ways:

  • You can sell affiliate products directly through YouTube.
  • You can monetize with ads (as long as you keep your video content non-controversial and clean).
  • You can build an email list in the backend and monetize that method.
  • There are many more ways to make money on YouTube.

But while these options, and the other legitimate ones you can find, have their merits, really, one of the main things you need to do is make any of them work:

Here’s how to monetize YouTube videos (the secret to success):
Create video content that is popular among specific specific audiences, resulting in targeted views that make the above options really work. In this beginner’s guide, I’ll show you specific examples of how and what to do.

After reading this, your job will be to follow this guideline and do it yourself. If you’re just engaging with YouTube and making videos there, you probably won’t create viral videos, but that’s okay because the goal isn’t really to create viral videos, so the goal is to stick to what I just mentioned is (again) for the niche Audiences create video content because the views that these content bring in will lead to more revenue.

Let’s start with affiliate marketing and YouTube:
Since affiliate marketing is my main goal ( $1M in sales proven by affiliate marketing ) and I make a lot of money from YouTube this way ( $20k YouTube report ), this is where I would start :

To start affiliate marketing with YT, I need to follow these 5 steps:

Niche idea 1: Drones.

  • I’m going to use this niche topic to identify the best topics people are talking about about drones.
  • I will also list the most popular drones on the market.
  • No matter how many ideas and products I can come up with, I make YT videos on all my videos and videos.
  • I might sign up with Amazon or another company that can sell drones.

Here’s a case study of my drones and an affiliate marketing case study from someone who’s done really well on this precise niche.
Either way, with the large number of topics and products I’ll be making videos on, I’ll start making videos with my phone or camera. For the drone, I’ll review it and keep the affiliate link in the description for people to buy.

On the topic of drones, I might ask people to sign up for my YouTube channel.

If I run a blog, I’ll add an extra link to every video I make back to the blog. This approach will give my blog a higher ranking, more traffic and more sales.

This is how I “execute” the YouTube/affiliate marketing approach here.

Why this formula formula works:

First , a niche topic itself is popular with a large crowd. So, creating a YouTube video on the above topic may bring you a lot of views at first, especially the target view, which means that people watching your video are more likely to buy from you.

Think evergreen niches . If you decide to start your own YouTube channel and want to make sure people get noticed and watched, this is your goal.

Second , trending topics often have new products for them that provide a lot of video content that you can make. For example, on the subject of the drone I use, whenever a popular brand launches a new model, there are tons of YouTubers with video reviews on it, sometimes getting over 100,000 views.

Therefore, popular products will always get search traffic.

That said, every time you make a video review of a trending topic, you’re almost always going into a trending niche. Even if a product loses its popularity, the niche you’re in will always bring new hits that will always be reviewed on YouTube.

Third , so there is always a need to review popular products on YouTube. The video above shows me what to do for a backpack, but you can honestly use any popular segment and find tons of popular products to review.

Through it, you can find many popular products and be able to comment on YouTube and promote through it. Come to think of it, I just made a 3 minute video reviewing a hot backpack and got a lot of views and sales from it. Just imagine if the same formula is multiplied 10 times or more?

If you can make a high quality comment (you can use your phone, or you can record on a computer, you can use something like a Yeti mic to record your voice, if you want to record your screen, use something like share X ), you will be able to successfully execute the alliance Marketing formula, and the more content you get that way, the more money you’ll be able to amass.

Other examples where this YouTube formula works:
I again outline details and sales figures for the different videos I have made and monetized on YT. Here’s a YouTube Case Study Here’s a quick breakdown of the report (details are in the link, you’ll be able to see the exact video for reference):

How do you make money on YouTube with your product or service?
The formula for this method is pretty much the same as when you use the affiliate marketing method above, but it does become more granular depending on the market segment you’re involved in. Ask how to promote your product on YT, I would like to ask, what is the actual product? Is it really a product or some kind of service?

If it’s a product, then my advice is:
Find the segment that best fits the product and make videos on popular topics that the product is a great fit for. For example, let’s say the product in question is some kind of diet book. I suggest you figure out which audience likes the weight loss book and make a video on the topic of weight loss and cover controversial topics, then explain how your weight loss book can help and link to the product page.

If it is a service (eg bankruptcy service) then my advice is:
Have a personal blog or official website where you can first collect leads and help with bankruptcy services. Then go to YouTube, create your own channel and start making videos where you talk about the various bankruptcy issues you’ve had. Each video should cover a different branch of bankruptcy, and you should caption each video with a question, such as many people have asked on this topic.

Then, with each video you create, link back to your blog so people can visit it and hire you for your services.

A great additional tip:
No matter what field you’re in, you can find other videos on the topic and see how many views other competing channels are getting. Create your own (UNIQUE) content using the ideas they’re talking about.

More great tips: In addition to your YouTube channel, run a blog site.
If you watched the video I covered above, I would recommend starting a blog too, because nowadays YT channels can be shut down for many reasons, in my experience it’s better to have a website that you have full control over, no one can Shut down (unless you’re doing something illegal, which of course you shouldn’t!).

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The approach to building a successful blog is very similar to building a successful YouTube channel, and you can pretty much relate the same 5 steps I listed above to this topic. But, that’s all, here are 5 steps, but for blogging:

In fact, blogging is my main source of income for making $1M+ sales, and YouTube has been slowly growing in helping that number grow.

Since Google still ranks above YouTube in online searches, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it? I’d say it’s easier to make a YouTube video than to write a lengthy blog post, but since I do it full time, I’m used to both and thoroughly enjoy the process.

Hint: Linking your YT videos and blog together is also a great way to increase traffic and improve rankings ( backlinks basically ).

Side note: Why isn’t there a guide to making viral videos? Because they are overrated:
In general, the number of views of a YouTube video is often correlated with the success it has had, in rare cases, but if your only goal is to make a viral YouTube video (more than a million views), you’re actually missing out on Make money, here’s why:

1) The chance of making a video viral is very small.
It’s also rare, unless of course you’re a popular creator. Focusing on this goal, I believe, is like playing the lottery. Unless you have some kind of cute animal you can constantly “exploit” on, I wouldn’t bet on making a viral video.

2) Profitable options are limited, even if they go viral.
Since viral videos often don’t appeal to a niche audience, but to a large audience, you’re really limited to making money with ads, which, while good, are limited in number.

Here is an example:

A video shows a video of a cut dog getting 1,000,000 views, potentially making a few thousand dollars from the ads it runs, and if you’re okay with that, no problem, go for it.

But if you shoot a specific video that sells a niche video that sells a high quality dog ​​training guide (niche) and gets 10,000 views (1% of 1,000,000 views) by the method I told you , and on the backend for $50, the guide gets 1% of views (1 per 100 viewers buy), you’ll get 100 sales for $50 each, and Get $5,000 from it.

Then tell me, in this example, is it really “paid” to make a viral video with 1 million views, while a video that gets 100% LESS views makes 5x?

No, it doesn’t.

Here’s an example, I don’t see anyone talking about it, but come across it quite often. The same goes for blogging, like I said, I currently do more than video content creation. Blogs that get better targeted traffic ( laser ) are blogs that always make more money, while blogs grow widely, without specific traffic (even if it attracts more visitors), hardly ever monetize, and often rely on display advertising.

All of these options can be profitable without spending a penny. I’ll eventually make a guide for YT Ads where I’ll show you how to increase monetization with most of the options above, but I’m currently testing it myself so when I make it work like the guide I gave you here , I will provide it for you.

My final thoughts:
If you look at one of my YouTube channels here , you’ll notice that most of the videos I make don’t have many views. I’d say those who pass 500 views should be considered decent. Now, I know a lot of people would consider a video with over 100k views to be really worth considering, but keep in mind what I’m saying about the view quality you get, and consider how much I’m producing despite the low number of views.

In many of the videos I make, especially the ones I’ve made recently, the view counts are from targeted visitors, so that view counts are more valuable to lead commissions. I don’t care about monetizing ads on YouTube, I know the real money comes from sending targeted views to targeted items, and the better I use this formula, the more I make, that’s why I’m ramping up my content creation .

But the formula I gave you to use definitely works. You may not find the initial videos you make to be very lucrative, but the practices you put into making your own will make you better, and in the process you’ll be able to find and create higher quality reviews and video.

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