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Programs for Android

For a long time you have always chosen to stay away from technological advances and, above all, from smartphones, but in the end you too have had to give in to the charm of technology. The idea of ​​being able to have a small PC always at hand tickled you a lot, so in the end you decided to buy a new Android smartphone.

After configuring it properly by following the instructions in my tutorial, you can’t wait to start installing all the apps you need, in order to make the device a truly perfect work and leisure companion. However, you really have no idea what the best apps to install might be, so you’ve decided again to rely on this tutorial of mine to find out.

No problem, you’ve come to the right place: over the next few paragraphs I will show you the best programs for Android to install and which could significantly improve both your work at a productive level and your life in general.


  • Useful Android apps
    • Internet and communication
    • Productivity
    • Photo and video
    • Musica
    • System and utilities
  • Applications for Android TV
  • Programma per Android PC
  • Android data recovery software

Useful Android apps

Can’t wait to find out what useful Android applications, programs for Android you should install on your new device? No problem, below I will indicate all the best apps that you really must not miss.

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Internet and communication

To get started, don’t miss these apps dedicated to the Internet and communication , which can be useful in different usage scenarios.

  • Google Chrome– mobile version of the Google browser, often installed by default, which in addition to being one of the most used thanks to the ability to synchronize browsing data, passwords and favorites on any device using the same Google account, is also one of the best in terms of speed. For more info here, check out how to use Chrome.
  • Microsoft Edge– mobile version of the browser from Microsoft, an excellent alternative to Chrome. This browser is also very fast and has the ability to synchronize on any device using the same Microsoft account.
  • Gmail– mail client to manage email from a Google account or other mailboxes. The functions are really numerous, including the possibility of scheduling the sending of emails, canceling the sending of a message or setting a reminder. For more info check out my tutorial on how Gmail works.
  • Outlook– email client developed by Microsoft that allows you to manage the mailboxes of the main email providers.
  • WhatsApp– the most famous and used messaging app in the world, in fact it boasts billions of users. Through the app you can send messages, including group messages, and it also allows you to make calls and video calls.
  • Telegram– best alternative to WhatsApp, which allows you to exchange messages, both single and in groups, and to take advantage of channels (including the one in which I offer you the best Amazon offers every day) and bots.
  • Facebook– this is the official app of the well-known social network Facebook. Alternatively, if your smartphone is not very powerful, you can use Facebook Lite.
  • Instagram– the official app of the popular social network dedicated to photo sharing, thanks to which you can easily share photos and videos online. Furthermore, among the main functions there are stories, i.e. sequences of videos and photos that last 24 hours and which are very popular within the platform. For more info, check out my tutorial on how to use Instagram.
  • TikTok– it is a social network mainly dedicated to the youngest. If you like making short funny videos (and not only) or just spending some time, you can’t not use this app. If you want to know more, read my tutorial onhow to use the TikTok app .
  • Twitter– the official app of the well-known social network through which it is possible to comment and discuss with other users.


Do you want to always be productive even with your Android smartphone? Then don’t miss out on the following productivity apps , among which you will also find a programs for Android, through which you can manage and edit text documents.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader– mobile version of the popular PC software for managing and reading PDF files. However, if you need to edit the files, you need to subscribe.
  • Microsoft 365– office suite created by Microsoft for mobile devices, which allows access to the most famous apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It can be used for free with devices up to 10.1 inches.
  • Google Docs– free app from Google, a very valid alternative to Microsoft Word, which allows you to manage and edit text documents.
  • WPS Office– complete office suite that allows you to view and edit Word, PDF, Excel and Powerpoint files. In addition, it also allows you to scan and convert all supported document types and integrates seamlessly with the main cloud services.
  • Google Calendar– the official Google app that allows you to manage your commitments, which automatically synchronizes on all devices that use the same Google account.
  • Google Keep– Google service that allows the creation of notes and lists. Also in this case there is a synchronization system on all devices connected to the same Google account.
  • Evernote– app for taking notes and notes, equipped with a convenient synchronization function between devices.
  • TeamViewer– hugely popular remote computer control app. It allows you to drive your PC from your smartphone or tablet via the Internet.
  • Google Translate– free app for translating sentences and words into all the languages ​​of the world, even simply by framing the text with the camera. It also supports offline mode.
  • Microsoft Translate– valid alternative to Google Translate. It also allows you to translate offline and via your smartphone camera. I told you about it in detail in my tutorial on translating apps.

Photo and video

Do you like taking photos, editing them or watching movies and TV series on your device? Then don’t miss these photo and video apps .

  • Google Photos– photo and video management app created by Google, which has as its main feature the ability to enable synchronization with the Google Drive cloud service . For free, it grants you access to 15 GB of storage space, shared across all Google services.
  • Snapseed– Google’s free mobile photo editing app. The app allows you to perform various photo editing operations, thanks to the many tools available
  • Canva– free app that allows you to create Instagram posts, invitation cards and many other types of graphics. For those who are not very creative, you can access many free templates. Thepaid Pro version of the app provides extra tools and allows access to the entire database.
  • CapCut– do you want to edit a video to publish it on social networks? Then you can’t not use this app, which allows you to edit videos with extreme simplicity.
  • VLC for Android– mobile version of the best free video player available on many platforms. Its main selling point is support for all major media formats. For more information, read my dedicated tutorial.
  • YouTube– app that needs no introduction. It is the world’s most popular video sharing and viewing platform.
  • Netflix– one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world. its catalog of movies, TV series, cartoons and documentaries is almost boundless. to use it you need to subscribe.
  • Amazon Prime Video– another very famous streaming platform, owned by the ecommerce giant Amazon. You can use it for free with your Amazon Prime membership.
  • Disney +– streaming platform from the house of Mickey Mouse, which really offers a lot of content. Among these there are also some exclusives, such as the entire Marvel and Star Wars catalog. Learn more inmy tutorial.
  • Mediaset Infinity– free streaming app that hosts all Mediaset content. Its catalog is quite rich, but it is also possible to rent movies or subscribe to one of the available plans, which allow you to access a wider catalog and watch UEFA Champions League matches. For more info, read my tutorial on how Infinity works.
  • NOW– Sky Italia on-demand platform. To access, you need to subscribe to one of the thematic packages available, through which you can access TV series, films and TV shows. It is not compatible with rooted devices. For more information, read my guide on how NOW works.
  • RaiPlay– the official Rai app, completely free, which allows access to all live streaming channels and the best on-demand content. For more information, check out my tutorial onhow to watch RaiPlay.
  • DAZN– paid streaming service that allows access to various contents, including those dedicated to football, such as Serie A. For more information, take a look at my tutorial on how DAZN works.


Are you looking for apps dedicated to music or, more specifically, programs for Android? In this case, take a look at the apps that I will suggest below, where you will also find several streaming services that offer the possibility of downloading music.

  • Spotify– one of the most famous platform for listening to streaming music and podcasts. The available catalog is practically boundless and can be accessed for free, albeit with some limitations, including the inability to download music offline.
  • Amazon Music– great music streaming service owned by Amazon, through which you can access millions of songs and podcasts. It can be accessed via subscription to Amazon Prime or Music Unlimited.
  • YouTube Music– Google’s music service linked to the YouTube platform. The service can be accessed for free through a Google account, with some limitations.
  • Apple Music– Apple’s streaming music service that offers millions of songs to listen to. The service is accessible only with a 9.99 euro/month subscription, but it is often possible to test it for free even for 3 months.
  • Shazam– hearing a song you like on the radio, but don’t know its title? Then don’t miss out on this app, perfect for finding out the title of a song being played by simply starting the recognition.
  • Google Podcasts– love listening to podcasts? Then don’t miss out on this great free app made by Google.

System and utilities

If you like to keep your smartphone clean and safe, or you’re simply looking for quirky and useful apps, check out this list of system apps and utilities.

  • Files by Google– complete file manager to easily manage files and folders on Android. In addition, it also integrates functions for discovering duplicates, cleaning the cache and more.
  • SD Maid– third-party app that allows you to clean Android cache, delete junk files, duplicate files and much more. The free version, however, allows you to access only the basic functions.
  • VPN apps– to protect your privacy while surfing online make sure you use the best VPN apps, like NordVPN  SurfsharkAtlas VPN Express VPN and Privado VPN .
  • NordPass– password manager that allows you to store login credentials for websites and online services. It is free in its basic version.
  • Nova Launcher– is your device’s system launcher too limited in terms of functionality? Then replace it with one of the best launchers currently available on the Play Store. Its strengths are speed and customization. It’s free, but some features are only available with the paid Prime version.
  • Gboard– simply the best keyboard for Android. If your device uses another type of keyboard, I recommend that you replace it with this one. Its strengths are the extreme comfort of typing, the gestures and the almost infallible word correction and suggestion system.

How do you say? Are you looking for some programs for Android, Android backup software? In this case, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to backup Android .

Applications for Android TV

You recently bought a new smart TV that comes with the Android TV system, as your idea was to be able to use Android apps on your TV as well. However, now, would you like to understand which are the best applications for Android TV ?

Applications for Android TV

No problem, in this case, just take a look at my Android TV apps tutorial , where I listed the best apps you should install on your smart TV.

Programma per Android PC

You are looking for a programs for Android, since you would like to manage your smartphone from your computer, so you can easily access the files inside, make a backup or start the update procedure. However, at the moment you still haven’t been able to find any software that is suitable for the purpose.

First of all, you need to be able to connect the device to your PC or Mac correctly. If you experience difficulty in the procedure, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to connect a smartphone to a PC , where you will find all the information you need.

Once this is done, you should know that not all Android devices come with a companion program to use on the PC. If you have a Samsung device you can use the Samsung Smart Switch , while if you use a Huawei you can use the HiSuite program . In addition, I also point out Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant for Motorola and Lenovo branded smartphones, LG Bridge for LG branded smartphones and Sony Xperia Companion for Android smartphones from Sony’s Xperia line.

Android data recovery software

You accidentally deleted some important files from your Android device that you absolutely need to get back. Unfortunately, however, you have no idea how to do it.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. In this case, I recommend you to use some Android data recovery software, programs for Android which I told you about in my tutorial on how to recover deleted files from Android and deleted photo recovery programs.

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