How to Split PDF Pages – How to Merge PDF

How to Split PDF Pages

Have you just received a PDF document via email made up of a lot of pages of which you would like to keep only a few? If the answer is yes, know that in this case split PDF pages can be a good idea. How do you say? Have you already thought about it, but don’t know how to do it? Well, if this is the case, you don’t have to worry… I can explain to you, step by step, which tools to use and which operations to perform.

Nowadays, in fact, there are numerous software, online services and apps thanks to which it is possible to carry out the operation in question and which allow the most varied changes to be made to documents of this type. Some of these solutions are paid, while others are totally free and to do what you need it is absolutely not necessary to shell out any money, trust me!

Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about the subject, I suggest that you take a few minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and devote yourself to carefully reading the information I am about to give you. I’m sure that in the end you will be able to say you are extremely satisfied with the thing and that at the first good opportunity you will also be very willing to provide tips in this regard to your friends who are also interested in the matter. Ready? Yes? All right, then let’s begin.


How to split PDF pages for free

If you are interested in finding out how to split PDF pages for free by acting as a computer, the solutions that in my opinion you would do well to rely on are the ones you find below. They are fully functional on both Windows and macOS .

PDFill PDF Tools (Windows)

PDFill PDF Tools (Windows)

If you intend to split PDF pages on Windows and are looking for a free tool to do it, I suggest you turn to PDFill PDF Tools . It is a free software that incorporates 15 different tools to edit PDFs in various ways. There is also a paid variant (starting at $19.99) with extra features.

To download PDFill PDF Tools on your computer, connect to the relevant website and first click on the Download now button located in correspondence with the entry Get FREE Basic Version .

When the download is complete, start the .exe file obtained and, in the window that you see appearing on the desktop, click on the Yes and Next buttons . Then accept the conditions of use of the program, placing the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement , and conclude the setup by pressing the Next buttons in sequence (two consecutive times), Install and Finish .

Keep in mind that during the setup procedure you will surely be asked to install and download two free applications on your PC called Ghost Script and .NET Framework (without which PDFill PDF Tools cannot work): accept it, it will take a few minutes to complete the whole.

Once the setup is complete, start PDFill Free PDF Tools, selecting the relative link that has been added to the Start menu , and once the software window appears on the screen, click on the Split or reorder pages button and select the PDF to split.

Continue selecting the Split pages from option and fill in the two adjacent fields with the start and end page numbers of the first PDF you want to obtain.

Later, if you want to split PDF pages in two , put the check mark next to the Save the other pages as a PDF file option and click on the Save as button to choose the folder in which to save the two final documents.

Instead, if you want to split PDF pages in half or in multiple parts, click directly on the Save as button and repeat the process for all the segments you want to split the document into, specifying each time the range of pages to include using the Split field pages from .

Adobe Acrobat (Windows/macOS)

Adobe Acrobat (WindowsmacOS)

If you are interested in splitting PDF document pages on your computer you can also turn to Adobe Acrobat . It is a software for Windows and macOS created by the same software house as the famous Photoshop (as well as the “mother” company of the PDF format), which allows you to open, view and edit PDFs in various ways, including dividing them, of course. If used as a viewer only, it is free, while for editing it is necessary to switch to the paid version (with costs starting from 15.85 euros/month and a free 7-day trial).

To download, install and activate the trial (if you don’t want to proceed directly with the purchase) of Adobe Acrobat on your computer, visit the relative website and follow the instructions I have provided you in my guide dedicated to the ‘argument.

Then, start Adobe Acrobat on your computer, click on the Tools menu at the top and press the Open button located next to the Organize file item .

At this point, click on the Select a file button located in the center of the screen and select the PDF you wish to edit. Then click on the Split item at the top of the screen, specify via the Split according to menu whether you want to split the PDF based on the number of pages, file size or bookmarks and enter the further details possibly required in the appropriate field.

Now click on the Output Options button and define the settings related to the output, specifying the folder in which to save the output files, if you want to replace the existing files etc. In conclusion, press the button Division and wait for the process to start and complete.

If you then need to split multiple PDF files simultaneously, I inform you that you can do it by clicking on the Split multiple files button and selecting the other documents on which to intervene.

Preview (macOS)

If you are interested in splitting PDF pages Mac , you can also use Preview , the default macOS software for viewing and editing images and PDF files. It’s super easy to use!

To be able to use it, first open the PDF to be split by right-clicking on its icon , selecting the item Open with from the context menu and then the wording Preview .

When you see the Preview window appear on the desktop with the PDF inside, click on the File menu at the top left and then on the Print item present in it. Alternatively, if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can use the key combination cmd+p .

In the additional window now shown, put the check mark next to the From item and fill in the two adjacent fields with the start and end page numbers of the first PDF you want to get.

At this point, expand the PDF drop-down menu located at the bottom and select the Save as PDF item , then indicate the folder in which to export the file and press the Save button .

Repeat the steps described above for all the “portions” of the document to be saved and that’s it.

How to cut PDF pages online

You don’t want or can’t use “traditional” software on your computer and, therefore, would like me to explain to you how to cut PDF pages online? I’ll settle you instantly! Below, in fact, you will find those that in my opinion are the best Web services in their category, usable from any browser and operating system.

I also point out that they protect user privacy by automatically deleting files uploaded to their servers a few hours after uploading (even if we users cannot verify that this happens, so I would tend to advise them against dealing with files containing sensitive data).



Among the most interesting online services thanks to which you can split PDF pages is definitely iLovePDF . It is a Web platform that provides users with numerous tools for editing PDFs and for converting to and from the format in question. Obviously, there is no lack of a tool to perform the operation covered by this guide. It’s free and you don’t need to register to use it, but it applies limitations relating to the maximum weight of the files that can be uploaded and which can be circumvented by subscribing to a paid subscription (with costs starting from 4 euros/month), which it also allows you to access extra features.

To use iLovePDF, go to the service page with the tool to split PDFs , click on the Select PDF file button and download the document on your computer for which you want to intervene.

Wait for the file upload to complete, then if you want to divide the document by intervals choose the Split by interval option found in the Divide menu on the right and specify whether you intend to use custom or fixed intervals. Therefore, use the menus below to indicate the page ranges to keep in the output PDF.

If, on the other hand, you want to extract all the pages in order to create a different PDF for each page of the source document, choose the Extract pages option that you always find in the side menu and decide whether to extract all the pages of the PDF or just some of them .

After making your choice, press the Split PDF button and wait for the final document to be processed first and then automatically downloaded to your computer (if it doesn’t happen, you can force the download by pressing the Download split PDF button ). You can also choose to save the final file to Google Drive or Dropbox or share it via URL.

More solutions to cut PDF pages online

More solutions to cut PDF pages online

Are you looking for other solutions by which you can split PDF pages from the browser window? Then contact the services listed below. I hope they can actually come in handy for you.

  • PDF Candy— this is a web service that works without registration that allows you to take action on PDF documents by dividing, converting, merging, unlocking, etc. It is free and can be used without registration, but it is not possible to upload files larger than 500 MB. To get around this limitation and unlock functions, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription (at the basic cost of 4 euros/month).
  • PDF24— is another web service that you can use to split PDF documents and make various other changes to the file type in question. It’s free, requires no registration and there are no upload limits.
  • Online2PDF— completely free web service that does not require registration, which allows you to intervene on the PDFs that are fed to it by dividing them, converting them, exporting the images present in them, etc. The maximum size allowed for individual files is 100 MB, while the total size must not exceed 150 MB.

App to split PDF pages

You don’t often have your computer at hand and, therefore, would you like me to tell you about apps to split PDF pages ? No sooner said than done! You can find them below, they are for both Android and iOS/iPadOS .

PDF Tools (Android)

PDF Tools (Android)

If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet , you can split PDF pages with PDF Tools. It is a free app that integrates various tools to make changes to PDFs, even going to split them. It’s free, but has limitations regarding the functions offered that can be circumvented by switching to the paid version (it costs 3.19 euros).

To download and install PDF Utility on your device, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button (or go to an alternative store ).

Now that you are viewing the main application screen, touch the Split PDF button , touch the Select PDF Files button and select the PDF file on which to act.

Subsequently, select the Specific Page option to indicate which pages exactly to divide or the Specific Range option to specify a range of pages, then fill in the fields below with the required data.

Finally, tap the button with the check mark located at the bottom right and wait for the procedure to complete and for the screen with the output files to appear.

Power PDF (iOS/iPadOS)

Power PDF (iOSiPadOS)

If you want to split PDF pages on iPhone (but also on iPad , it makes no difference), I recommend using the Power PDF app . It allows you to create, edit and view PDFs and is very simple to use. Basically it’s free, but offers in-app purchases (at a cost of 5.99 euros) to unlock extra features.

To download and install the app on your device, visit the relevant section of the App Store and press the Get and Install buttons , then authorize the download using Face ID , Touch ID or your Apple ID password . Next, launch the application by selecting its icon that has been added to the home screen and/or App Library.

Once the Power PDF main screen is displayed, indicate the position from which to take the PDF to be split and then the reference file, then tap the pencil and paper button at the top right and touch the word Split on the toolbar tools below.

After completing the above steps, select the pages to be divided, tap the Done item at the top right and press the YES item in response to the warning that appears on the screen to immediately open the obtained divided PDF, while to view it later you have to select the NO item and go to the Local Files folder accessible from the main screen of the app.


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